Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saint Sadie

I’m in front of her writing
Hands I lick while they’re typing
Personal space, what’s that?
I’m just a curious cat!
Meowing until she looks
Pushing my head on her books
I want to be the center
But only in the Winter
As well as in the Summer
And it really would be a bummer
If in the Spring and Fall
I couldn’t be princess of the ball
So all year round
I’ll wear my crown
And she’ll just pet me 
Every time I asky
She pushed me to the side?
I won’t give up and hide!
No way I’m right back
Until she gives me a snack
Then I’ll forget she exists
Touch me and I’ll hiss
And I’ll even get demanding
Telling her about my fanny
Won’t poop in the box, it’s full
Won’t take her no-scoop bull
If she gets a little POed
I’ll talk in cat code
Purring real loud
No way she can frown
Turning on my charm
Turns off her alarm
Since I got the royal bow
I think I’ll nap now
November 22,2011
Dedicated to our aging cat Sadie

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