Thursday, December 1, 2011


Merry Christmas!  I love this season's ride.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.  It's the most hap- happiest season of all.  Climb aboard this season's ride; iTeeter-Totter and it is fun!

Here comes the TEETER!  Get busy and rearrange the house, put up the tree and put on the exterior lights!  

But wait, it's also time to TOTTER!  To slow down and reflect; remembering what it was that God did for us in sending Jesus to this earth.

TEETER!  Write out Christmas greetings, purchase packages and prepare shoe boxes to give to the needy.

TOTTER!  Stop for a moment.  Meditate on this: the prophecies foretold His coming and the angles sang to the shepherds that a savior had been born.

You know how to TEEETER and survive this season... get up off your sofa and design meals, delegate duties, tend to traditions and stay up late until it's all done.

Breath in, and TOTTER out!  Joy was brought to the world when Baby Jesus was born.  God humbled himself in taking on human form.  His reconciliation came to fruition as Jesus' purpose was fulfilled...least we forget the reason for the season.



TEETER!  What did it mean when my sister said she was not sure if she could host this year's gathering?

Now TOTTER!  What did it mean to the world when Jesus came?



Now TEETER to figure out who can host!

Stop to T.... where was I?  Oh yes, TEETER again and do this and that and don't stop because it's again time to TEETER and again and again.  Just TEETER today and then tomorrow you can... TEETER again.

BAM!  The ride stops short.  When my bum hits the ground I quickly remember that it takes BALANCE to love this season's ride.  

Really it's just TEETER TOTTER basics.  The heavier portion must move in closer to the pivot point, Jesus, until balance is achieved.  Being slightly out of balance can mean that one side is forced to work harder to keep the teeter-totter moving.  Ignoring the problem can be exhausting and overwhelming!  

Waking up in the morning and immediately feeling tired because all night I have dreamed about my to-do list and how I'm going to get it done is like plopping the TEETER on and catapulting TOTTER into the next yard.  It would seem that responsibilities, gift giving and activities does not allow for any time to capture God's spirit in this Christmas Celebration.  Then the love ride is over because joy is on the other side of the fence.  

On the same note, waking up with TOTTER joyfully on board, but TEETER has climbed off and a lightweight lazy apathetic attitude is in it's place then the love ride is at a standstill.  Christmas devotions, church services and prayerful reflections are meant to be followed up by actions.

It's impossible to balance!  I take that back, it is on our own but nothing is impossible with God! (Luke 1:37)  With a few butt-scooting maneuvers lo and behold the teeter-totter is ready to do what it was designed to do.  

Heavy on the TEETER? Scoot in closer to Jesus! happens to be accessible on your iPhone.  As your car is filling up with gas, fill yourself up as well.  Maybe it's the Christmas story you can absorb.  Then talk with Him!  Praise Him for His gift and ask Him to fill your heart up with His purpose as you finish filling up at the pump.

Heavy on the TOTTER?  Scoot in closer to Jesus! Talk with Him about a rekindled take-action to-do list.  Hand over your apathy and ask Him to order your day; to lead you in His highest priorities and to give you what you need to get the jobs done.  

Move in close to talk with Jesus, closer and closer until balance is achieved. Then push off and enjoy the ride!   

With TEETER cooperating with TOTTER the pure joy that comes from a simple teeter-totter design can be realized.  It's not about piling too much on one side.  It's about the constant movement of both sides with Jesus at the center pivot point of it all.  One side can not move without the other.  As we TEETER we are also TOTTERing!  As we TOTTER we are also TEETERing.  Up, down, up, down!

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  It's the most hap- happiest season of all.  iTeeter-Totter and I love this ride!  Feeling a bit overwhelmed?  uTeeter-Totter too!  Take a prayerful moment to butt-scoot, get in balance and push off again.  This is a ride that you don't want to miss.  Marry Christmas and happy riding!







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