Saturday, January 22, 2011

Throwing up H-A-T-E

Shirin: 7 years old
Mom: thirty7 years old
Two creative silly billies are alone together in the car, on the way to church…
Shirin:  (As mom pulls the car out of the garage) Mom, you know how Jesus came to save us from our sins?
Mom: yes
Shirin: Well what if he didn’t come yet.  I mean I know we are not Jewish but I’m just saying he didn’t come YET and we had to get rid of our sin by throwing it up.
Mom:  So when you throw up you’d be like, “Blaaaaa, oh there goes stealing!”
Shirin: (Laughter) Yea and like, “Blaaaaaaa, there goes hate!”
Mom:  (Even bigger) Blaaaaaaa-ya-yaaaaaa, Jealously!
Shirin: (Louder) Bllllllaaaaaaaa-ya-ya-yaaaaa, Bad Sport!
Mom:  Or what if you fart it out!
(Belly laughter from both)
Shirin: You could fart it out, or poop it out.  Tooooot! And the fart is like a puff of green smoke that says “Gossip” See ya!  Don’t ever come back!
Mom: Yea, good bye Rage, come back when you get some Self Control.  Or you could sweat it or it could be like ear wax!
Shirin: Yea and you get a q-tip and when you pull it out instead of ear wax you see a word that spells Cheating.
Mom: Or (Blowing noise) you could blow your nose and you see the word Jealously.
Shirin: (Blowing noises)
Mom: (Barf noises)
Shirin: (Farting noises) Or when you get a cut you can bleed H – A – T – E.
Mom: And when it’s all out, all that sin, you’re empty and hungry.
Shirin: Yea, but not your tummy.  Your heart is hungry.
Mom:  So instead of an apple tree you would see a Love tree. And you can pick some love.  Mmmmm, that sure does taste good.
Shirin: There can be a special tube that brings the Love to your heart.
Mom: Yea, you know in the inside of the stomach, instead of going to the intestines there can be a door.  And there can be body police to direct traffic.  “Mean spirited, this way, your going to be pooped.  Self control, right in here, a heart waits for your arrival!”
Shirin: Yea poop out that sin!
Mom: So a Love tree and in the garden instead of pulling up garden carrots you pull up Garden Self Controls.  Mmmmm!
Shirin: And instead of Lettuce it’s a head of Gentleness
(After parking the car in the church parking lot they get out)
Mom:  Look Shirin!  It’s a Love tree!  (Walking up to an invisible tree)  Here’s some love for you (Like picking an apple) and one for me!  Cheers!
Shirin:  I already ate it!
Mom: (Taking Shirin’s hand and walking up to church) Good thing we don’t have to throw up our sin on our own.  Good thing Jesus did come and took care of our sins on the cross and He’s changing up our heart every day with kindness, goodness, gentleness…
Shirin: (Squeezing mom’s hand) Yea, good thing.
“May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.  May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:23

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