Monday, January 10, 2011

See You Later, Alligater

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful…”

In the next room Shirin could hear her dad and mom with her brother.  She knew that in just minutes it would be her turn and then they would say good night to her.  She let her mind start down the list, one by one. “Fox, cow, duck, fly, raccoon…” Oh I hope I can remember them all! She thought. Shirin could hear her dad’s voice through the wall reading a book to her brother.  “Oh man!  Remember… bug, bird, pig…” She heard her mom’s voice start to pray.

“Thank you Lord for Frederick’s big smile and dimple.  You have made him full of compassion and respect.  Thank you that he loves music and rhythms.  May he use his gifts and talents for you.  Bless him with courage…”

Shirin did not want to be the one to forget.  She kept recalling all the animals.  Come on!  Another one, a new one!

Her dad opened her door. “Ok baby doll, it’s time to go to sleep.  Get into bed and pick out your comfy.”  Shirin looked at all of her stuffed animals and chose Lamby to sleep with.  Lamby was her very first comfy as a baby.  Shirin’s dad put out the lamp, put on the nightlight and sat next to her on the bed.  Forgetting the list Shirin remembered several things she needed to tell her dad.  “Daddy I need help with getting past level 9 on supper Mario brothers, can you help me?  I mean not now because I know we don’t play during the week, but if I don’t get it taken away can you help me on Friday?  Oh and my singing monkey needs batteries… and guess what happen at lunch today…  you know Lukie and I made up a song for being in the second grade and it goes like this…  it was so funny…”  Her dad enjoyed her talking.  But after a while he gently made the transition.

“Ok, it’s getting late.  We can talk more tomorrow.  Let’s pray.  Dear God, be with Shirin tonight as she sleeps.  Watch over and protect her…”

Shirin could hardly follow along.  Her brain became too busy thinking of animals again.  Her dad finished up his prayer as her mom came into the room.  “Did you pray with her?”

“Yes he did but can you pray too mama?” Shirin said.  Her dad grinned and kissed her on the forehead.  “I love you dada.”

“I love you too baby girl.”  He walked out of the room.

Shirin’s mom sat on the bed.  “Dear Lord, thank you so much for Shirin, how she is so confident and sure of her self.  Thank you that she is silly, social and so giving.  May she be a firecracker for you Lord.  Bless her with discernment and wisdom…”

Shirin’s mind wondered. Alligator, crocodile, baboon.

“…In Jesus name, a-man.”  A kiss on the forehead and it was time!

She looked right at her mom with a smirk, “See you later, alligator.”  Shirin’s mom smiled real big and giggled.

“After a while, crocodile” Her mom said as she walked to the door and stood in the door way.

“Too soon, baboon.  Too soon, raccoon”

“Hey,” her mom playfully objected.  “That’s two!”

“Don’t go too far, sea star” Shirin giggled.

Quickly Shirin’s mom added “Good bye, fly.”

Back and forth they went…  “Good luck, duck.  Take a bow, cow.  Stay on the course, horse.  Stay funky, monkey.  Don’t gawk, hawk.  Give me a hug, bug.  Stay out of the fog, dog.  Go jog, hog.  Do a jig, pig.  Don’t be a turd, bird.  Out of the sandbox, fox.  Go away, stingray.  Good night, mite.  Time to bail, snail.”

Oh no!  It was Shirin’s turn!  No, she didn’t want to be the last one… What was that new one she thought of?  Oh yea! “Be real, eel.”

“Oh, that’s a new one!  Good one.  Ummmmm.”  Her mom thought.  “Be firm, worm.”  Her mom was so good at this. Oh wait, they forgot one…

“And there you went, elephant.”  A good one to end on.

Her mom started to close the door. And then paused, “Hit the road, toad.”

They both broke out in laughter.  “Your good mom!”

With a smile, “See you in the morning honey.  I love you!”

Feeling satisfied with their good night sayings, “I love you too ma ma.”

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.”
Proverbs 15:13


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