Monday, January 30, 2012

Wide Long High and Deep

He came from heaven 
To tour earth below
Humbled in form
His love to show

First in His word
Then in His deed  
Greater love has no other
He was willing to bleed

He laid down His life
In the most sorrowful death
Not a common suffering
For ALL in earth's nest

On behalf of ALL
Not only family and friends
On behalf of ALL
Even those who reprimand

Jesus defeated the dark
He did not stay dead
Rose up 3 days after
Just as He had said

In this single act
Scriptures were unveiled
Truths never realized
Stench of death just bailed

If we could bottle it up
All of earth's love and trust
It would still not compare
To God's love in Jesus

His love sacrifice
Was His invitation
To an eternal inheritance
Through reconciliation

Can't measure it Wide 
Love that's too Long
Up over what's High
Love Deeper and strong 

Michelle Fozounmayeh

Scripture Reference:
John 15:13 
Ephesians 3:18
Philippians 2:8
Luke 24:25-27

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