Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discovering Little One

Discovering Little One
She’s a special one
Worth the find
Placed by the base of a hedge
Protected until her time
“Listen up little one
You hold that treasure tight
It’s going to take a special seeker
To find your shinning light
"The first wont appreciate
The second will over look
The third will quickly loose patience
The forth holds a bitter root
"But one will take the time 
Thoughtful in His search
Turning over every stone
I have not left you in a lurch
"Trust me my Little One
You want to wait for Him
He’ll hold you up high
Look at your heart and grin”
The whistle rang out
Kids ran every which way
The first stomped next to little one
Dirt covered her that day
The first grabbed an egg
That was vibrant and in plain view
Tossed it in a basket
With hungry eyes she splashed dew
Hidden but not lost
While the other eggs were found
Little one was stuck in the mud
Buried in the ground
The second saw little one
But he didn’t think her an egg
Probably nothing good in there
He moved on with a twist of his leg
Who will take their time?
Most scrambled on by
If the treasure is too much trouble
Just leave her where she lie
The third picked little one up
Annoyed with her dirt and grime
Then her shell was too hard to open
“I’m done with her kind!”
Tossed away she fell back
To the very same spot
Maybe she was better not found
Protected just to rot
The fourth lashed out
A thorn made him bleed
“Why should I pick you up
If I get hurt while I reach?”
Hidden in this space
Told to trust, rely
But it’s so hard
When a little one cries
Sounds start to fade
The kids have gone to a feast
Eating up what they have gathered
Little one seems like the least
The hunt for eggs was over
Others had their day in the light
But little one remained
All through the night
The hedge of protection
Surrounded her very soul
Little one had to trust
That God had a goal
Not at all forgotten
The finder had to be tall
To see God’s perspective
And recognize His call
She needed time too
While the brush was secure
He couldn’t come too soon
Inside little one matured
The leaves started to rustle
A face peered through
His eyes lit up
His smile grew
An egg!  An egg!
What a wonderful find
The color was perfect
After all this time
“Out of the box perfect
No other will do
Who can ever compare
To the jewel I’ve found in you
“I believe in you Little One”
Is all He had to say
Inside the shell
New life gave way
He gently opened her up
And gasped at the sight
She held a true treasure
To His joyful delight

He had found Little One
Held her up high
Golden feathers in the daylight
Wings ready to fly
Kids gazed in amazement
Was this what was missed
“I’d give all my eggs back
For that sparkle, that bliss”
Breathing in air
Discovered at last
Little One’s heart took flight
The past was the past
His promises were true
She soared with the wind
God’s spirit around her
A new story begins
Michelle Fozounmayeh

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