Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Ins and Outs

The Ins and Outs
The sun comes up
Blubbery pancakes with syrup
Make-up for the face
Perfume just in case
Sweep, vacuum and mop
Beds made with stuffed pets on top
Dishes in and dishes out
More dishes coming without a doubt
Take out meet for the stew
Out of rice so pasta in leu
Make the lunches in a row
Button fell off and it’s time to sow
Pick up the kids and drop them off
Keep the schedule and don’t get lost
Homework, piano and some sports
Games, movies and home made forts
Walk to the park or take a hike
Ride a scooter or maybe a bike
Dust falls here and over there
Pledge the counters for ultimate care
Do my Bible study now 
Take a moment with a reverenced bow
Lots of stuff that wants to fit in
Organize it all and do it again
Check every tank and dish
Feed the dog, cat, frogs and fish
Scoop up the poop
Air freshener for toots
Unclog the toilet and scrub the tub
Looks like the sink need a good rub
Liquid plumber for the drains
Call a professional when it rains
Cover up that boo boo
With a bandaid of Winnie The Pooh
Plan vacations for time to bond
Cover the grey with brunette or blond
Shopping for the perfect dress
Cover the belly and pay way less
Date nights gotta be a must
Get a babysitter we can trust
Volunteer for this and that
Take up a cause and go to bat
Pay the bills without a pout
Mail comes in and mail goes out
Don’t forget to fill up the tank
Don’t forget to go to the bank
Drug store and the super market
Home depot and good old target
Wonder what the darks about
The hallway bulb just burnt out
Water for that silly hiccup
Stand upside down and dink it up
Set the table and don’t stall
Dinner conversations and eat it all
Eyelids are getting heavy
Bedtime so let’s get ready
Stuffed pets on the ground
Pull the covers all the way down
Good night stories and a hug
Prayers of blessings from above
Lights out at the curfew
Kids in bed and more to do
Email, facebook and maybe texts
Recorded shows and maybe sex
Separate the darks from lights
Spray-n-wash on the knees of tights
Fold the clothes and put away
If it’s too small it just cant stay
Now it’s time for the details
Paint the finger and toe nails
Wait for them to dry
Get in a really good cry
Consider tomorrow’s ins and outs
Dinner leftovers or takeout
Preparations for the next day
Time with God with much to say
Listen to His words for me
Absorb His presence and just be
Get in bed before midnight
Wonder if I’ll get sleep tonight
By Michelle Fozounmayeh
Sunday March 6, 2011

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