Friday, March 18, 2011

The Green Things

My favorite color
Is in many things
My favorite shade
Has to be green
Grass, leaves and 
Tangled up seaweed
Algae, Ivy and 
The Statue of Liberty
Green apple
Green pear
Dinosaur scales
Oscar the Grouch hair
Green means go
Green bean stew
Hard shiny emerald
A chlorine hair due
Green is a tea
But it’s also mold
Green Eggs and Ham
Oriental Fire-bellied Toad
She’s going green
He’ll get a Green Card
Your green with envy
My green thumb in the yard
Asparagus and broccoli
And most vegetables too
So eat your greens
Even avocado the fruit
Vampire Garlic
The Incredible Hulk
Jade stones
American Money in bulk
Umpa Lumpas
Green Tree Frogs
Caci Camouflage
Lots of Iguanas
All kinds of mint
Some Axolotls
Have a greenish tint
Political green parties
Muddy green hogs
Melting green crayons
March 17th egg nog
Uranium Glass
Pyrotechnic flares
Calvotomena viridis
Anolis carolinesis’ bare
Wise old Yoda
Is green in the pores
Nine-year-old Anakin
Is green in the force 
Mucus appears green
Many dessert cacti
Aliens are green
Also gas in the sky
Slithering snake
Slow moving Turtle
Green Tree Python
Dragon who is fertile

Green stool
Sea sick on a ship
Green barf
A bruised upper lip
Green flash
A watering hose
Tons of tadpoles
Moss and Olives
Ferns and Limes
Watermelon bites
Trees that are Pine
Hot Jalapenos
Cold popsicle ice
Inner green guts
Outer green eyes
Green is life
Throughout time
Symbolizes growth
Always more to find
My favorite color
Is in many things
My favorite shade
Has to be green

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