Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Bat's Perspective

A message from Flying Bat to my son's kindergarten class, after his two night stay at our house...

Dear Team Forman,  
My visit with Fosi was absolutely fantastic... we did it all... from A to Z...
A windy wacky Wednesday (enormous winds, no exaggeration!)
Belonged to Fosi and me.  It was excellent!  First,
Cozy in his home, I watched Matthew and Fosi have a play date.
Dear me!  Next, Fosi had a doctor’s appointment.
Eek!  He was apprehensive to go, it was quite a predicament.
For the whole time I stayed right by his side. I helped him persevere.
GET OUT!  We met a boy in the waiting room who knew me (Zack Diamond).
Hurray!  Dr. Cosmer was ecstatic to see me too, his grown daughter was 
In Mrs. Forman’s class 13 years ago!  What a coincidence!
Just then, Fosi got a coin for the toy machine.  Then we went back to his home.
Keeping  me safe was Fosi’s number one goal.
Long and hard, with a plethora of activities, we played all afternoon.
Making music with his drums, checking out his flip notes on his DSi,
Nibbling on a snack together, watching the DVD “Mater’s Tall Tales” and
One game after another.  It was exhilarating!  Oh, and his 
Pretty sister, Shirin, joined the fun.  Shirin gave me lots of hugs.
Quietly, Shirin and Fosi’s mom hid when Fosi’s dad came home from work.
Really it was a game!  Fosi and I helped his dad find those two stinkers.
Some dinner for our tummies (I ate fruit, Fosi ate lasagna) and then it was off to bed.
Together Fosi and I slept and had glorious dreams.
Until Fosi got home from school on Thursday, I had to fly away from his dog Yoshi.
Very much like Wednesday, Fosi and I talked and played all Thursday afternoon.
Would you believe that Fosi played the piano for me?  I even got to try.
X-tra help from a bat (that’s me) and Fosi finished his homework for the week.
You know, Fosi is a really exceptional guy... 
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, my oh my, what a wonderful stay!
Love, The Flying Bat

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