Monday, February 7, 2011

I Delight in You

Shirin's 8th birthday: February 7, 2011

I Delight in You
You walk in with a goofy grin
You sing, dance and you spin
In every word you speak
At every mountain peak
I delight in you
Fueled by giggles and praise
You embrace every phase
When you love on your peeps
And your spirit just leaps
I delight in you
Adventure you just crave
Leading others to be brave
Trying every new food
Staying honest and not rude
I delight in you
Learning new things excites
Falling short sort of bites
On those oh so hard days
When nothing goes your own way
I delight in you
From behind your own ear
A yodeling pickle does appear
When we laugh till it hurts
And you make yourself burp
I delight in you
God hand picked a sweetie
And made you so pretty
Placing favor on your name
Teaching humility in fame
I delight in you
Always and forever with a seal
I love you from head to heal
Daughter of mine
Who loves to rhyme
I delight in you
For Shirin
By Michelle Fozounmayeh

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