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Another Charge for Women

In June 2013 Michelle Swanepoel, a German living in Africa, had a visionary dream about a women's role in a man's life.  I found scriptural truths weaved through her message and it blessed me to read it.  Here is what she wrote:

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Today, Monday Septmeber 8, 2014 she has again shared a charge for women around the world.  It's all about taking the weaknesses that Satin uses against us, handing them over to God and allowing Him to change us completely!  Dead to sin and alive in Christ!  It's about living in unity with other women so that we may encourage one another and find victory over our strongholds!

I see it as God's daughters "growing up" in our faith walk.  Be encouraged by Michelle Swanepoel's words.

ALL for Him, 
Michelle Fozounmayeh 
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Michelle Swanepoel writes:

Good morning,

I realize that we are on a journey so I would like to share with you the things that God is showing me along the way.

This morning God said that we are His secret weapon....He made me recall that in the Garden of Eden the devil used Eve's "weaknesses" to lure her into sin and that caused many repercussions .....but nothing that God is not able to change so that His glory will still be revealed at the end.

So, if our weaknesses or let me call it vulnerable side (need for love, need for beauty, need to be spoiled, need to want to manipulate and times, etc.) gave the devil a foothold into our choices -then guess what - this is exactly what God is going to use to bring total restoration and healing by showing the devil that He did not have victory, but that Jesus has covered us in our weakness and that Jesus will help us overcome and make us stronger and able to not fall for his ploys the second time around. What is amazing is that we as women are weak when we are alone.....and that is why God says that he wants women to stand together, to support each other and to help each other get through the trying times so that we can all become the mighty force that He is busy creating to bring about massive changes in His kingdom. So expect to be challenged in all the areas that have been mentioned above....your beauty routine, your identity as a women, wife, mother, friend, daughter, manager, employee, your expectations in terms of romance and love, your needs in terms of the way your home should look, the way you spend money, they way you serve in your community or your church, your current ministry, your role as a friend, the way you think about food, cooking, health and fitness, they way you spend your time - the way you crave acceptance and acknowledgement or perfection and performance or achievement, expect to be challenged in the deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions - don't run from this process - allow God to meet you there - then be still and just listen to Him as He gently washed away all of the pain, all of the hurt all of the layers and masks and false security blankets that you carry. Allow Him to cleanse you and purify you completely - because you know what - you are a vessel of glorious proportions - you are a vessel that has the capacity to carry God's beauty and glory and you are the vessel that God is using to change this world. If you submit to God for this - God WILL change your world through YOU - you will be healed, your family will be restored, where you go - God's light will change the atmosphere - and ALL things that you desire (because God has given us dreams and desires) will be fulfilled by God alone. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and ALL things will be passed onto you - do you understand the sequence of events that needs to take place? Can you make this your own? Are you willing? You are not alone.....yes, God is removing loneliness from off us!

Have you read the book "Lioness arising" by Lisa Bevere? She studied female lions and how they live and especially how they hunt - they never hunt alone.....they always team up with other lionesses and then they become a force to be reckoned with. She describes the lioness character so beautifully, especially also with regards to the love and tenderness they have for their children and then also the respect they have for the male lion (Jesus).

I am in no way discrediting the role of our husband or of men - in fact, God needs us to become the pure vessels so that He can heal the men and also our children - we have been given the ability to give you realize that this is a gift that God want to use to birth newness, light , peace, love, joy - He wants us to birth in the Spirit.....please don't get me wrong - but I think many of us women have wasted so much time trying to find fulfillment in our husbands....and often walking away more hurt and more disappointed. I woke up this morning and asked God to fill up all the places that are empty and that I always want my husband to fill - so that I can be a full vessel in my family and just shine God's light and grace and glory - until my entire family is filled with His light. I want to be able to love my husband the way God loves me - but that means that I need to let go of my idea of love and marriage and let God change me to become who He wants me to be. I need to shift my focus off my husband and totally onto Jesus. Yes, it sounds like strang that we have heard so many times before - but God wants it to become practice not just theory anymore. And you know what - my desire for a physical experience of God is busy manifesting - we as women are becoming God's physical manifestation - we are becoming His hugs, His gentle and encouraging words, His caring and tender presence when we feel alone, His acceptance when we feel rejected, His provision when we feel poor and hungry.

So God challenged me to let go of all bitterness and unforgiveness towards any woman that has ever hurt me - our strength as women is held in working together and sticking together - not in criticizing, back-biting and being jealous of each other. I challenge everyone of you to look at your lives - how many women have you written off - what if those women are the warriors that you need to fight with - ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts to every single situation where another woman was involved - repent, ask for God's forgiveness and let's stop giving the devil the power to destroy our unity as women - let's allow God to form His Bride through us - God promises us so much - is our hurt more important than the task at hand? Can you honestly sit down in front of God and say - My hurt is much more than the task you have for me......lay down your hurts my special friend - I know it hurts, I know the pain is so deep, I know that we as women have been beaten and battered - the devil has made a right mess of us.....but God's word also says that when we are weak then He is strong and that He creates Beauty from Ashes....are you willing to expose your every hurt to God the Father? Do not be afraid - God will bring all the support you need - you are not alone.

I feel this incredible sense to bring us together - I hope you are willing to join hands and walk with us.

Lots of love

Michelle Swanepoel
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