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4 Traditions 4 Back 2 School

4 Traditions...
Issue: Back 2 School 

In This Issue
The family ready tree
Bus stop breakfast bash
When I grow up
Start and end the year off right
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Michelle Fozounmayeh
A joy filled wife and mom that enjoys writing, praying, speaking at women events and being an Area Coordinator with the ministry Moms In Prayer International.

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Throughout the years I have come to have a deep respect for the role family rituals and traditions have on the healthy state of our family.

For many years I worked as a Family Consultant with Once Upon A Family and picked up a few ideas.  Although traditions in our home have had seasons of success and seasons of rest or have had to be modified and/or changed to fit our family's needs, they still exist!  

Each issue of 4 Traditions features ideas I have gathered and/or created that you can use or modify to fit your family's needs.
The Family Reading Tree 
Get everyone excited about what they will be reading and learning this year!  Create a Family Reading Tree out of green and brown construction paper and glue it onto poster board.  Cut out bright autumn colored paper leaves that will represent each new book each family member will read.  Use the leaves as bookmarks, and as a family member finishes a book, write their name and the book's title on the leaf and attach it to the tree.  Watch as your family fills the tree with leaves throughout the year.  Reading is not just for those who are in school, the whole family can be proud of their accomplishments.  Get your kids excited about school by constructing this tree on the weekend before school starts.  Be sure to take a photo of your children holding the Family Reading Tree at the end of the school year. 
Bus Stop Breakfast Bash 
Organize a neighborhood breakfast bash on the first day of school.  Bring doughnuts, bagels, hot chocolate, juice and milk for the young students and their parents to enjoy as they wait for the bus.  If your children do not take a bus you can invite your neighbors to stop by your drive way for a Breakfast Bash.  This is a perfect way for your children to get to know their classmates that live in your neighborhood, and a great opportunity for you to meet their parents.  This photo moment can be collaged into a "Back to School" book or online album. 
When I grow up 
Along with the arrival of fall, and the anticipation of a new school year comes the feeling of new beginnings and limitless possibilities.  Each year before your child's first day of school ask them what they want to be when they grow up.  Write their answers on apple shaped cards made from red construction paper.  Put these cards with our child's goals and dreams in a "Back to School" book or on line album along with their annual photo.  You and your children will love looking back at all of the different dreams they had when they were younger.
Start and End the Year off Right
Be sure to make a special breakfast to start eh school year off right.  Make an elaborate feast, maybe waffles with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, or Eggs Benedict- anything but the usual scrambles eggs and toast.  Let your kids select the menu and do the grocery shopping together to prepare this special meal.  Wake up early and set the table with your best dishes, turn on background music and really make this meal special.  You can do the same to celebrate the last day of school too.  If preparing an elaborate feast is not your thing, anything that is unusual can become a first day of school tradition.  Maybe spelling out "Have a great day" with berries on their breakfast plate, a first day of school blessing card beside their napkin or a first day of school note inside their lunch box.  If it is outside the normal than it helps start and end the year off right.
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