Sunday, February 24, 2013

Knowledge Hoard

I start to feel it in my ears,
Bioflavonoids my dear.

My throat gets scratchy,
Vitamin and herbs to matchy.

Pain in the bum,
Gimme some Tums.

Start it before it starts,
Neurological wellness charts.

Something keeping me up,
Alka-Seltzer Plus in a cup.

Juggling tons of crap,
Keep it up with an app.

I feel a sharp pain,
Tylenol will sustain.

Nose wants to run,
Will it to be done.

Cough cough cough,
Grab cough drops.

Is that low blood sugar I feel?
A banana until the next meal.

Body getting weak,
An hour of extra sleep.

Kids fill ill,
Flintstone pill.

Killing the germs I hope,
Sanitize, Lysol, Clorox and soap.

See others are sick,
Stay away and offer a fix.

When all else fails to work,
I realize I’m a big jerk.

As I rest in these things,
I replace my mighty King.

Better when I first pray,
The other stuff just aids.

I stop, as a knowledge hoard!
Because God, you are Lord!

-Michelle Fozounmayeh

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