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iPray eVotional, August 2012
Aproximate reading time: 8 Minutes

Reminiscing... at a Reunion
At my 10 year high school reunion I had a chance to reminisce.  Sitting at a table with fellow classmates we talked about old times, recalling experiences we had shared together.  
“Remember that History teacher that would spit while he talked?  You never wanted to sit in the first three rows!”
“Remember our Friday Pep Rallies?  Our class always won.”
“Remember when we shared a locker for a couple of years and my drama costumes always took up all the space.”
The time has come again.  This month I will be attending my 20 year high school reunion.  Buzz about the event has been floating around for months.  On our class’ Facebook page people are already posting old pictures and asking who is attending.  The link to purchase tickets has been posted several times.  Before committing to going I wondered the same thing as the others.  Is anyone going that I had experiences with?  After all, it’s the shared experiences that connects us and helps us recapture the past.  As soon as I heard that a friend of mine whom I had spent tons of time with during my high school years was coming from New York, I knew I would be attending.
Click click click and the tickets were purchased!
Next I was asked to submit a bio page.  The page needed a picture, some fill-in-the-blank answers and then using only 200 characters I was directed to bring everyone up to date about my life.  As I wrote out a basic over view of my work history and family happenings I chuckled.  If only I really could sum up 20 years with 200 characters.  The thought of it seemed a bit humorous.  The last 20 have shaped me more than the 4.
I found a cute family picture and submitted my page.  All ready for an evening full of pow wowing and chit chatting.  I am going to spend 4 hours reminiscing about 4 years with a printed bio page that sums up the following 20.   Between our shared experiences and comparing bios it should be a full evening of reminiscing.  

Reminiscing... God wants us to
When I searched how many times the word “remember” is used in the Bible (NIV), 231 results came up.  As I read through the list God’s heart was revealed about the act of remembering.  He “remembers” people and situations.  He gives His people signs that helps them “remember” like Noah’s rainbow.  Possibly over 30 times the word “remember” is in reference to recalling what God had done in the past.  After God had parted the mighty Jordan River so that the Israelites could walk across safely on dry land, Joshua was instructed to leave a “reminder” of God’s mighty deed. (Joshua 4)  Years later, when someone asked the meaning of the pile of stones, it was again time to “remember”.  In the Book of Nehemiah the Israelites not only rebuilt the walls in Jerusalem but they also rebuilt their faith with seven “remember” prayers.
Why does God want us to reminisce?  
God knows the hearts of people; He knows us very well. He knows how self-centered and forgetful we are.  We go before Him, saying, "Lord, I need help -- again.”  If we are not asking for something then God knows how rarely we will stop to pray.  If we remember what He has done for us in the past, we will find quick encouragement when needed. If we recall the times that we have called out and He responded, joyful hearts can be restored. If we recollect the times when there was no other hope but God came through, our faith is rekindled. God wants us to remember how He has helped us through challenges, worked out all kinds of difficulties, and has gotten us through thousands of dilemmas.  

Reminiscing... and Prayer
(This next section is meant to be read as an info-commercial. Have fun!)

Have you ever sat down to pray, and you have nothing to say?  

You’ve heard it said that we are a forgetful people, that we are selfish when it is time to pray.  Well now you can leave all of that behind you...

Introducing The Reminiscator 3000!

The Reminiscator 3000 uses state-of-the-art brain wave technology to bring out all God has done for you. 

It’s a proven fact that shared experiences can guide conversations, Biblical studies show 100% success rate in conversing with God by remembering.

God is not an Easter and Christmas God, He is an every moment of your life God and with the Reminiscator 3000 there is plenty to bring to the talking table.

Enjoy more pow-wow energy...

Get lost in chit-ity chat with your Creator...

Marval with the Maker...

With the Reminiscator 3000!

Whether you have recognized God or not,  He has been by your side... The Reminiscator 3000 will open your eyes and your conversations with Him!

If you act now not only will your memories spur conversation but it will also lead to a heart full of gratitude, understanding and humility!

And that's not all, as you grow deeper in conversations with your Lord you will find yourself asking questions, listening and hearing answers.   You will begin to lay down burdens, absorb compassion and find passion as well as greater purpose! 

But wait theres more!  The Reminiscator 3000 not only helps you remember all God has done for you but it also helps you remember all God has done in the past 3000 plus years!  

If that's not enough, the Reminiscator 3000 will help you remember Biblical Truths about WHO God is and HOW to live for Him!

All of that for one low price of FREE!  That’s right, FREE!
Don’t think the Reminiscator 3000 can work for you?  
Just listen to these testimonials:

“After denying the Lord 3 times I remembered that Jesus had told me that it would happen.  I felt horrible but it gave us tons to talk about after his resurrection.  Not only did I experience forgiveness but I was asked to go out and ‘feed his sheep’.  The reminiscator 3000 was key!” -Peter
(Read about Peter for real:  Mtt. 26:33-75, John 21:15-25)

“Isaac was my only son so obeying God’s instructions tried my faith.  But when I remembered who God is and how He can do anything I believed that God would either provide a substitute lamb or else raise Isaac from the dead.  Thank you Reminiscator 3000... I remembered!  And God did provided a substitute sacrifice!” -Abraham
(Read about Abraham for real: Heb. 11:17-19, Gen. 22:1-14)

“In a world of great wickedness I remembered God and found grace in His eyes.  My family survived the great flood that wiped out all flesh except those in the ark.  The Reminiscator 3000 helped me stay focus and not slow in building that ark in which God used to save us.” -Noah
(Read about Noah for real: Heb. 11:7, Gen. 6:8-7, 22, 7:1)

“For me, remembering was the key!  For 300 years I remembered to walk with God.  That’s five times longer than most of us have to endure!  God was so impressed with me that he took me up into heaven and I did not see death” -Enoch
(Read about Enoch for real: Heb. 11:5, Gen. 5:22-24)

“The Reminiscator 3000 kept me going!  Remembering the promises He spoke directly to me through a burning bush played a big part in leading the Israelites out of Egypt and right up to the door of the promised land.  Even though it meant that I had to suffer with the people of God who could have used a Reminiscator 3000 for themselves! (Very forgetful bunch).  To this day people all over the world look back and remember what God did at that time.” -Moses
(Read about Moses for real: Heb. 11:24-26)

“Remembering that I would receive in the future a crown of righteousness from God helped me remain faithful and endure many tribulations.” -Paul
(Read about Paul for real: 2Tim. 4:7-8, 2Co. 11:23-38)

“My friend and I were on our way out of Jerusalem talking about what had just happened concerning Jesus.  Our faces were downcast and the resurrected Jesus joined us.  We did not recognize him!  I called Jesus a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all people but did not call Him the Messiah.  We were full of doubt.  Jesus walked silently, just listening as we carried on the conversation but soon He started talking and the Reminiscator 3000 kicked in!  Jesus reminded us that the Christ had to suffer these things and then enter His glory.  Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets He explained to us what was said in all the scriptures concerning Himself.  Our eyes were opened and we recognized Him as The Christ!” -Cleopas
(Read about Cleopas for real: Luke 24:13-35)

So pray with the Reminiscator 3000 TODAY!

Reminiscator 3000 is not a real product.  Remembering is a product of recalling things past.  It is free of charge but does require time.  It can be done in an attitude of prayer making it possible to enhance conversation with God.

Reminiscing... Without a Bio
Sometimes I sit before the Lord with nothing to say.  I will probably fill up 4 hours of conversations at my 20 year reunion, but my mind can draw a blank after 4 minutes in prayer.  Maybe I need to sit at a table and reminisce a bit!  
“Lord, you healed me when I was only 3 as the combination of chicken pox and scarlet fever bargained for my life.  I remember the white feather I found as I stepped outside for the first time after getting better.  That was from YOU!  I’m not sure if I was aware of your presence at the time, but you were there!
“College!  I grew up in my thoughts, actions and motivations there.  You healed some deep wounds and taught me how to take responsibility.  You encouraged me when I regretted lousy decisions.  Remember that one situation Lord?  Thank you for Your Grace!  I may have learned my lesson the harder way, but I learned it and I see the blessings from growing up in my faith.
“I feel like you were holding my hand as I adventured into unmarked territory like getting married and becoming the kind of wife you intended me to be.  Or like having kids and becoming a mommy that parents with the same love and truth you parent me with.
“Remember when my pelvic split Lord... When my son was sick... when you answered my prayer as I asked for... when you gently showed me how to turn and go in a new direction... “
Wonderful and meaningful conversations.  I don’t need a bio page to fill in any gaps... because there is not a time where God has not been by my side.  He knows every emotion I have ever felt as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mom.  From love, compassion, burn out, guiding, learning, giving, rejuvenating and sacrificing.  He knows when I am right and when I am wrong.  He knows my burning questions, “Why did that have to happen?  How did you protect me from that?  Where do I go from here?  Will I ever be able to...?”
Reminiscing always brings me back to God’s heart and the big picture.  Humbled in His presence, it gives us tons to talk about... as well as things to work through.  Reminiscing turns 4 minutes of “I don’t know what to say” into at least 40 minutes if not 4 hours of sweet conversations.

iReminisce, do u?
iPray in Jesus Name that as uPray you will “forget not all His benefits” (From Psalm 103:2) and that you too will reminisce!

All for HIM, 

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