Friday, May 27, 2011

The Flying Bat meets Rodger Rabbit

It was close to midnight as Vader’s ship disappeared into the darkness of space.  The flying bat had defeated Darth Vader in the jungles of Jupiter with the lion, cheetah and werewolf.  The lion, named Frank, could tell that something still bothered the Flying Bat.  The Flying Bat had not trusted the lion at first, but now respected him for he fought with courage.  Flying Bat looked into Frank’s eyes and said, “I didn’t trust you at first because when a hard plum woke a sleeping lion on an earlier mission, that lion’s anger caused me to flee all the way to France.”
Frank understood and told him not to fear, the first lion was actually a spy of the dark side, it was his lioness cousin named Sue.  He then told him about a Rabbit who was wise in the ways of the force and could give the Flying Bat everything he needed for his next adventure.   His name was Rodger and could be found in Toontown.
Flying Bat flew all night back and as the sun rose he arrived on the sacred grounds of Disneyland and into Toontown.  There he found Rodger Rabbit having breakfast with his wife Jessica Rabbit.  Flying Bat  went inside the restaurant and told him that Frank had sent him.  Rodger’s whiskers twitched as he informed him that all the secrets of a successful adventure could be found by going on the Rodger Rabbit ride.  Flying Bat waited patiently in line until it was his turn.  Flying Bat climbed on the ride.  About half way through, when the twists and turns made it difficult to focus the ride stopped short and broke down.  He knew it was the work of the lioness, Sue.  The Flying Bat looked over his shoulder just in time to see the lioness.  He took out his light-saber and sliced through Sue.  After she was defeated her body suddenly disappeared.  Flying Bat helped start the ride up again and thanked Rodger Rabbit.  
Just then he looked up and saw a familiar sight... the Bat Signal!  It was time for another adventure...

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