Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treasures in the Darkness

The words held meaning
Soft and new from across the room
A girl that was paralyzed
Held hostage in a cocoon
Seemed distant I thought
A message I couldn’t quite grasp
A gift far greater?
Saying, “This too shall pass.”?
Those words stayed with me
Like a deposit in my brain
And came up again
When there was something to gain
“Treasures in the darkness
Don’t run, don’t try to escape
There are treasures in the darkness
It’s not a mistake
No matter the struggle
No matter the pain
You will always find
Treasures that change”
You said there was good
And I think it is true
I lived like it was
Then the fire grew
I was forced to stop
Long suffering that breaks
And I found myself asking
Why would I want to embrace?
A body that is halted!
A son that is in pain!
You watched your daughter die
On what planet is that ok?
My treasures were lost
And the bad had taken its place
Of what I knew to be good
Of all my time and space!
Walking the burnt grounds
Where all I had once stood
Reduced to black ashes
My breath took in all it could
Then down at my knees
Something caught my eye
The gift you gave to me
On the day you had died
I understood at last
That a life can be saved
If you are willing to persevere
If you are willing to embrace
I lifted my tear filled eyes
Grasping the gift in my hands
I gave over my pride
For the treasures of a new set of plans
Treasures from the darkness
I can’t run or try to escape
There are treasures in the darkness
It’s not a mistake
Beyond the cocoon
There’s no suffering or pain
The gift is far greater
Treasures that change
Michelle Fozounmayeh
Maundy Thursday 2009

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