Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ms. Marry McMoo

Ms. Marry McMoo

Did you hear of Ms. Marry McMoo
Who stood with her legs tied with glue
Oh if you only heard what they did do
With poor Ms. Marry McMoo

Every morning she started to sound
A moo that carried through out town
Is it a cow?  Some would frown
But the mooer was Marry all bound

A few who knew of her all stuck
Thought it was her own bad luck
Others just assumed the ruck
Was just an annoying young puck

How did she get stuck that way
I mean really, did she have a say
Back then she just leaned against hay
Day after day after day after day

Bitter Bob Boo didn't care the why
The moo was making him die
He started the chatter and lies
That grew malice and selfish cries

One night at a quarter past nine
The village had enough of her kind
They set out with rope and sticks to bind
At last arrived and questioned their find

Ms. Marry McMoo smiled a bit
Legs all twisted and in a fit
She offered them to take a sit
"It's nice to see you," She had to admit

Still holding onto the blame
Bitter Bob spoke why they came
But the tears humbled and tamed
And ultimately brought him to shame

They sat and she stood
Doing the best that she could
She spoke like she should
Asking for help if they would

"I tried to call for you all right
When my legs got tangled one night
A few just fled at the sight
So I decided to put up a fight

"With all my might I've said my name
Until last night my yell did change
I can't do this with my own range
So to the Lord I made my claim

"And to my delight and wonder
Here you are with quite a number
With tools and all kinds of lumber
To pick me up out of this slumber"

Ropes in hand and sticks at feet
Bitter Bob cleared his voice to speak
"Here she wants to be free"
Smiled, and bent down on one knee

It took all night and the next day
Pulling and pushing every which way
Binding together to loosen the lay
Some even stood by her to pray

At last Ms. Marry McMoo
Wiggled out one foot then two
Her legs feeling all brand new
She danced all around the crew

To this day there was never a sound
Then the people's cheer from that ol' town
They say that Mrs. Marry Boo never found
A less bitter and more sweet Bobby around

-Michelle Fozounmayeh

I thought this was a good one for the new year as we reflect on a year gone past.  As we strive to let go of the things that keep us bound and look forward to new beginnings.  Never be afraid of an unknown future to a known God!

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